Insights from Three Headed Lion

THL’s Supply Chain Integrity Solutions are designed to mitigate and manage risks arising from unforeseen external factors that impact the ability of the suppliers and the plant to meet their performance targets. Our solution elements include an early-warning system, dossier, de-briefings, and information and access to stranded shipments in remote and difficult terrain.

On the retail side, Supply Chain Integrity means monitoring partners, suppliers, and even employees.  For businesses entering India, transparency and compliance are not trivial issues. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prohibits making, and offering to make, payments to foreign public officials, including members of political parties, to further business interests. It also requires that accurate books and records be kept for all transactions. The importance of mounting an effective offensive against FCPA fraud when operating in corruption-prone countries, such as India, is a key focus of our Supply Chain Integrity solutions.

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