Insights from Three Headed Lion

The development of you Go-to-India strategy cannot be left to the analysts in the Home Office.  This is the first and most crucial point of consideration; get this wrong, and you will inevitably fail.

Second, your India strategy, by definition will be a state-by-state strategy. What works in Bengal does not work in Gujarat and vice-versa – and that is an understatement.

Third, treat your Indian initiatives as if they are innovation projects. The key early on is to focus not on detailed financial estimates–which will always guide companies toward the markets most hostile to innovation–but on how well the innovation fits the pattern of success. It’s also crucial to encourage flexibility: Companies must be willing to kill projects that are going nowhere, exempt innovations from standard development processes, and avoid burdening project teams with extra financing, which can keep them heading in the wrong direction.

Fourth, make sure you have a brand integrity process in place, before you start dealing with your partners and suppliers. Supply chain risk management must be established core competence of your overall strategy.

More details shortly, stay tuned.