Insights from Three Headed Lion

In India, consumer product brands face serious challenges from spurious products. These spurious products proliferate by riding on the strength of the original brands. The risk emanating from spurious products not only damages the brand’s reputation but also results in significant revenue loss to the original brand. THL’s Brand Integrity Services are designed to not only help manage this risk better but it also assists in driving sustainable business value. Our approach enables world’s leading brands to maximize their market participation and seize competitive advantage by:

  •     Improving risk intelligence
  •     Knowing what actions are required to mitigate / remove risks
  •     Establishing an effective field risk monitoring system
  •     Strengthening decision making and business strategy
  •     Enhancing business value by providing real, on the ground intelligence to help develop localized business models

Brand Integrity
Three Headed Lion has conducted numerous traditional risk-assessment projects in various industries and sectors. We’re working on a retail survey now, collecting “kirana-sentiment” metrics to build a impact index for Indian Retail.


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